Capitalize on the visual power of sublimation with ArTainium Sublimation Inks

ArTainium inks allow you to quickly and easily create a vast array of stunning customized consumer products.

The hallmark of Sawgrass' ArTainium UV+ sublimation ink is reliability combined with affordability. For graphic professionals that truly understand color and really know their way around their graphic design software, ArTainium inks are the most cost-effective route to unparalleled professional results. The secret is in the ICC profile, which allows you to harness the power of your desktop printer's resident print driver.

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ArTainium UV+ Sublimation System Highlights

Color & Output Power

If you like the feeling of manipulating your color output to your exacting requirements, then Artainium inks are perfect for you...

More Ink for Your Money

Save money with ArTainium bulk ink systems. The Easy Flow Bulk Ink System is available with ArTainium inks and provides an easy to use...

Flexible Solutions

ArTainium systems are designed for the true digital decorating professional. With the ability to print in both MAC or PC environments, these...